Commune of Anderlecht decides to fund Eco Innovation

In the context of the Lemmens Neighbourhood Contract, we were encouraged to submit a proposal in relation to our urban agriculture ideas.

We did. Our proposal's title is Utiliser l'agriculture urbaine durable comme outil de revitalisation du Quartier Lemmens (Use sustainable urban agriculture as a tool for revitalising the Lemmens neighbourhood).

The Commune decided to fund the two main strands of our proposal: creation of two vegetable gardens (including one on two joint roofs) covering about 1000 square meters in total, and structuring of local agricultural initiatives. These two strands will start in January 2010 and should last about one year, at least for this phase.

According to the programme leader, our proposal managed to reflect social issues that are important to the Commune: need for participation, training, collaboration and coordination between various local stakeholders. This decision is a strong encouragement to go ahead with urban agriculture projects.

N.B. : we are going to need plenty of help for planting, composting, growing, watching, thinking, counting the tomatoes, talking to local residents about it... More internship topics to come soon on Please don't hesitate to pass the word.

Cheers!!! And thanks to all who contributed to this proposal.




Great. Looking forward to Eco-Innovation developing this exciting initiative.

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