Drupal Talk at FOSDEM

Drupal Talk at FOSDEM

This morning Dries Buytaert told us about Drupal and its great features . Drupal is the Content Management System that powers the Eco innovation website. The title of his talk was Why Drupal is the answer, regardless of your question. It was quite general : he explained how drupal works, and went through all sorts of cool and modular features like content editing, theming, user management, security... Dries also mentionned the Drupal Association that was recently created. The audience was pretty big, and many interesting questions were asked, proving the growing interest for Drupal.

At the end I had an exciting conversation with Paul Everitt , founder of Plone, about the pro and cons of each Content Management Systems. It's good to keep up to date with the other CMS, and to know what is done out there...


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