Guerilla gardeners

I heard about this organization recently.

They are growing flowers and green in big cities to cheer up too mineral surroundings.

& they even exist in Brussels.

(so don't be surprised if you tumble on a sunflower in the centre of Brussels one of this days)



Check out this organization

Check out this organization called Rebar which describes itself as acting at the intersection between art, design, and activism.

They are the group that celebrates "Parking Day" based in San Francisco, during which they reclaim parking spots and make them into green space. You can join them on September 18th!

To learn more about the organization, visit here:

To learn more about Park(ing) day, visit here:

Enjoy the resources!

Ce blog du Monde relate

Ce blog du Monde relate l'activité d'un jeune jardinier guerilla de la région parisienne, Gaby.

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