Vegetal city

A wonderful exhibition at the Musée du cinquantenaire in Brussels: Vegetal city, a vision by the architect Luc Schuiten.

For 3 decades now, he has imagined sustainable cities and buildings where shapes and colours are inspired by nature. Managing resources in a sustainable way is a key concept of the projects.

Luc Schuiten wants to go beyond alarmist and cataclysmic visions of the future: he prefers proposing optimistic ideas that make people long for tomorrow.


This looks great.  I am

This looks great.

I am just wondering how he integrates food production in his design. And security, also... perhaps! (are bikes allowed on the rooftops???!!)

Will try to check the exposition this weekend.

Filled with Imagination

This exhibit did a phenomenal job of not only looking into the future, but dreaming about the possibilities. For anyone feeling down-hearted about a sustainable future, let Schuiten's imaginative depictions provide hope and humor.


He also has other materials including books that offer translations in French, English, and Dutch.

Vegetal city

wow...its great project about this city..i have seen it briefly but i cannot understand that where is any institue where i ccan get my mcse practice tests degree? is there no any? or you forgot to mention?

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