Integrated Development of Agricultural and Rural Institutions in CEE (IDARI)


(as in proposal and original Technical Annex)

EU enlargement intensifies the debate over the CAP and its environmental effects, and urges to unlock the potential of jobs and added value in rural areas. Rural innovations matching this political agenda will rely heavily on stakeholders’ learning capacities, the importance of which policy-makers should better acknowledge. But how to assess the impact of learning on innovation and institutional change? IDARI intends to inform CEE rural development on this impact. It will complement classic concepts of institutional analysis with findings in cognitive sciences, viewing learning ("making endogenous") as part of institutional change. Teams from 10 CEEC will adapt and use this framework in case studies in their countries. They will show how a better understanding of learning could help rural development. This will result in decision-making tools targeting a wide range of audiences.

Details on institutions research can be found here.