What we do

Mission Statement

Eco Innovation's objectives are:

1. To help advance the understanding of eco-innovation processes.
2. To support eco-innovators in their development.
3. To facilitate the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy with a particular focus o
n policy integration as well as on the direction and  systemic impact of innovation.

To these ends, Eco Innovation engages in the following activities:

  • Contribute to eco-innovation research and development through research initiatives and participation in the research policy agenda (at the regional, national, European and international level).
  • Innovate in e-education by designing and producing educational interactive services. These services are targettting specific themes and audiences and are adapted to the user by customization and co-construction.
  • Collect, consolidate and represent our members' opinions in the European policy-making process, especially with regard to environment, innovation and education.


Definition of ‘Eco Innovation’

Eco-innovations are tools that enhance the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable development.
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Historical snapshot

Eco Innovation was originally founded in 2005 as a company limited by guarantee without share capital under Irish law Galway, Ireland by Frédéric Morand, Marco Barzman, and Marjolein Visser. Colin Sage joined EI's board shortly after its founding. In 2006 the Secretariat moved to Brussels, Belgium, and in 2009 the organisation was re-founded as an international non-for-profit association.


Charity Status

Eco Innovation was granted charitable status in 2005 by the Irish Company Registration Office  (CHY 16344). Since May 27 2009, Eco Innovation is registered as a non-for-profit international association (association internationale sans but lucratif : aisbl).

Eco Innovation welcomes individual donations as well as corporate partnering and sponsorship of projects.

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