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In response to an increasing demand for training in urban agriculture, RUAF (Resource Centre on Urban Agriculture and Food security), ETC-Urban Agriculture and the Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and Centre for Studies in Food Security have developed the following portfolio of distance education courses on urban agriculture:

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  • Energy consumption per square meter = the bottom line qualifying criteria for passive housing. Two-fold standard in most northern latitude countries (between 40 and 60 degrees): yearly energy consumption per square meter has to be below:
    • 15 Kw for space heating

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Educational needs in the area of passive housing are far from being met.


Our e-learning prototype project aims to meet part of those needs through an innovative and effective educational module (e-module).

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Exploiter les marchés émergents de l'apprentissage en éco-technologies


Conférence de Michel Serres (web, égocratie, etc)

Conférence de Michel Serres (philosophe, de l’Académie française), les 11 et 12 décembre 2007 à l'occasion des 40 ans de l'Institut National de la Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA).

Claroline: reference as learning platform

Claroline is an e-learning platform (originating in Belgium) with interesting features.

See the tutorials in particular.

e-learning in the South Mediterranean

The Barcelona Process is promoting e-learning approaches, says Europa.


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