There are many shipping services for the product available at a reasonable price. The use of the application is much easier in the process of shipping the package or the commodities. Such kind of ongkir Surabaya Jakarta service is provided to ensure satisfaction from the side of the customers.

Features of the shipping service app:

The app is completely user-friendly and free from confusion. The features are made in such a way that the shipping of goods is arranged according to the convenience of the customers. The service of the delivery is done within the cities as well as between the cities.

With the help of the app, it is possible to track the location of the vehicle carrying the commodities and have the live chat with the drivers which can be done with the option of selecting the feature of the driver. This ensures the safety reaching of the commodities to the mentioned destination without any kind of confusion and is hassle-free.

shipping charges

It helps to check the shipping charges in a much easier way without any form of confusion. The shipping charges for all forms of expeditions are mentioned in the app. There is an option for various fleets to carry the commodities depending on their size and weight.

It offers the best platform for the shipping of heavy and large goods in a much easier and faster way. The website mentions the charges which are done on the bases of height, weight, capacity, and volume of the goods and the fleet used for them.

In the case of small goods, the economy cars are used for carrying goods which usually weigh nearly 150 kg to the variation of medium-sized that is preferred by the business person.

There is also the option of availing the provision of offers which is based on the promo codes that are much useful and distributed to the customers.