Search Engine Optimization or more commonly known as SEO is simply put the process of making the site as much accessible as possible and making the site better by improving it so that more people can find their website related to their business first when they search on platforms like Google. The better the visibility of one’s page upon searching the better it will be for their business.

The benefits of seo:

Search Engine Optimization has many benefits; some of them are as follows-

  1. There is no need to pay to any search engine to get ranked organically , All one has to do is create such web pages and make them so interesting that the search engines seem fit to direct the users to their site. The quality of the Web Pages is all that matters.
  1. The people who search for various things trust the more organically ranked web pages. They know that many advertisers pay to get their pages ranked higher so they trust the organic process much more.
  1. One can stay ahead of the competition with the help of Search Engine Optimization. For example, If there are two companies doing the same business, but only one has SEO then that company will be ahead as people will get to see their web pages first. SEO can help a business stay ahead of the competition.
  1. One can measure the results of SEO services as one van track the metrics to tell how successful one’s SEO efforts are. One can use Google Analytics to add how many people visited their website etc.

Seo as a marketing strategy:

SEO is not an appropriate strategy for all websites as SEO shows the relevance more than the prominence and some websites prefer prominence. However SEO can help in getting an adequate return on Investment but it is also risky considering if search engines stop sending the people to one’s website then it can be a major problem for that website going forward.

Seo and the common people:

SEO is made so that the people who search on the internet for products and services are directed to the websites. The people are that some website is shown first so they click more on that site so SEO is done organically seeing the quality and relevance of the Web Pages so that the people who are searching do not face any issues and they can get what they are looking for.