There may be more number of series and endless number of characters. But there are some characters which tend to stay in the mind even after watching the series. Fumiya Tomozaki is one such character which has attracted the people of all centers. This is a famous character from the series Jaku- Chara Tomozaki – Kum series. And it is to be noted that this is also a main character in this interesting series. The people who are new to this series and the people who are highly interested in knowing about this character can make use of this article.

A high school student

In this series, Fumiya Tomozaki is a High school student. This character is considered to be a social outcast at school. Fumiya always had the habit of planning a famous Japanese video game. In the game he tends to play his role in the name of nanashi.

Since he is highly addicted to the game, he always had the habit of comparing his real time with this gaming life. He believed that this kind of comparison makes his life more interesting and adventurous and he keeps on comparing the things in his real life and gaming life. Aio is a popular girl in the school and she put forth more effort to make changes in Fumiya’s appearance and made him more popular in the school.

Even though the overall character of Fumiya is very short to understand, his habit of gaming and real life comparison tend to make the series more interesting than they sound to be. The audience who are new to this series can refer the topanimefr in order to know about the reviews. The reviews will help in understanding the characters and the series in better. This will also be the right choice for the people who are planning to choose the best series for their entertainment.