Both organizations and attendees can benefit greatly from virtual events. At a cheaper cost per person, organizations can reach a broader audience with their message. Attendees appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the event. Many of the planning methods and tasks are unique to online events, just as they are to in-person events. This typically entails overcoming unusual and often unanticipated hurdles for organizations new to virtual events.

Using the services of a virtual event planner will provide your team with a level of planning expertise that only experience can provide. If you want to ensure that a virtual event pleases participants while also meeting business objectives, you’ll benefit from the tried-and-true ideas and best practices that a professional event planning firm like miller tanner associates can provide.

Organizing and coordinating distant speakers

One of the most undervalued and time-consuming aspects of preparing for an online event is creating a solid plan for remote speakers that guarantees both presenters and their content are ready for success on event day. Because event planners in person don’t always recognize what they don’t know until it’s too late.

Getting remote speakers ready to present online includes production schedules, speaker coaching, atmosphere checks, specialized training, timeline planning, constructing and sending speaker kits, and more. Hiring an event specialist like Miller tanner to assist you is a necessary if you don’t have dedicated employees with the skills and experience to educate distant speakers through everything from arranging lighting in their home office to resolving Internet troubles.

Creating an internet strategy

The best practices that event planners use to accomplish in-person event goals do not always translate to online events. When structuring your online approach, consulting a digital event pro bridges knowledge gaps, giving you confidence in your programme.

Your finest online event agenda may include less hours per day but span more days than a traditional in-person event schedule. Online programme sessions may need to be shorter than in-person sessions. Some sessions could be better off being pre-recorded than being delivered live. Multiple time zones, varied access mediums, and other online audience variables add complexity to the planning process that must be handled. Your Miller tanner Event team collaborates with you to discover all of your event’s specific considerations and develop a strategic plan. Visit to know more about their services