A roof over the head appears to be a need for every human being. The fact, however, is that not everyone can afford to buy a house or even get it on an EMI basis through a loan. That’s where leasing comes in. Leasing is the new trend for a focused generation of millennials and youth that believe in constantly moving around and chasing growth rather than following conventional norms. Join us today to know more about the fascinating world of leasing and flex leases.

The new wave 

Leasing seems to be a method of acquiring a product or space on a rental basis. In the modern-day, where prices are high and funds scarce. Leasing has grown to be amongst the most preferred methods of acquisition of a roof over the head. While it may not be something permanent immediately, you may also adopt lease-to-buy, where you can temporarily lease space and work up to buying it.

Why lease?

  • More convenient – Leasing tends to be a better option than buying as it completely negates all the issues that come with buying a house which ranges from repairs to registration.
  • You can land a good deal – Leasing realizes dreams. If you’d ever dreamed of living in a centrally located spot at the heart of the city, you could achieve that via leasing; buying a property in the same area would be many times more expensive.
  • More cost-effective – Leasing is more cost-effective; buying a house can be a financial commitment that can leave you paying EMI’s for a good chunk of your life. With leasing, you can end a contract and move to another place.
  • Special benefits – While this may differ, some benefits change from landlord to landlord; a landlord might offer you a parking space free of cost while others may ensure regular maintenance.

Flex lease is a popular leasing concept which benefits both tenants and landlords, and it defines an easy contract process in which contracts can be on a month-to-month basis rather than the year that is traditionally prescribed.