The duration of your manufactured mobile home is up to you. The secret is in a nutshell: water and foundations. There are many things you can do to take care of your home, but murderers are often associated with exposure to water or foundation problems. Manage it and your prefab / mobile home can last a lifetime.

Controlling the effects of water is more difficult than you think.

There are possible problems related to water in all parts of your home, both inside and outside. Swamp coolers, air conditioning, pipes (inside and under your home), as well as external sources of rain and water can damage and destroy your home.
What can be done about this? First of all, you should carefully control all parts of your home: the ceiling, walls, floors, cabinets, sinks, bathtubs / showers and under your home. A simple but thorough inspection can detect water. Remember that even the constant evaporation of water from a leaking pipe or the water flowing under the house due to improper drainage will rot all nearby wood. Key; Make sure the water does not reach where it does not belong. Where you cannot avoid exposure to water, as outside, make sure all walls, windows, doors, baseboards and wall surfaces are properly sealed and painted.

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The second key to the longevity of your home is to provide the correct basis. In particular, the land must be properly compacted and leveled, your home must be tied and the land must be leveled to ensure adequate drainage. No water under the house is the key to maintaining a solid foundation. In addition to the key elements discussed, there are additional options to preserve your home and its components.

Proper maintenance of the rubber roof is crucial. Applying a layer of protective materials every 2-3 years and completing the necessary repairs will preserve the roof and prevent leaks. Minor roof problems become important if not addressed urgently. Maintaining a swamp cooler, the creator of permanent roof damage, is critical every year. This includes preparation for winter and general preventive maintenance of blocks and waterlines. It is essential to maintain a level device to avoid leaks. The main problem is the interaction between any wood cladding and plinth. It is important that this seal / gasket be sealed to prevent dry rot.


A good rule of thumb is to perform an annual inspection on your own, and a professional to inspect your home and report any problems every 2-4 years. This precaution will inevitably pay off many times. This inspection should cover all aspects of the house, including foundations, plumbing, electricity, roof, walls and floors, with special emphasis on the extremely invisible space between the house and the floor. Take advantage of this time and perform a security check in your home.