When you have passion to dance … you can do it in any situation

When you have passion to dance … you can do it in any situation

Lakshmi  is a beautifully written musical dance film that was gifted by south indian writer and director A.L. Vijay.  Dancer and lead actor in the film Prabhudeva, has gone wild in terms of his acting, dance and his inspiring dialogues. This recent movie will definitely make you cry because when you have passion to dance…you can do it in any situation irrespective of others point of view. Dance is an art. Watch many recent movies on aha ott.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Prabhu Deva

Actress: Aishwarya Rajesh

Other actors: Salman Yusuff Khan, DityaBhande.

Director: A. L. Vijay

Based: Pramod Films, Trident Arts

Producer: PrateekChakravorty, ShrutiNallappa, R. Ravindran

Music: Sam C. S.

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

Editing: Anthony

Written By: A. L. Vijay, AjayanBala

More About Movie:

Runtime: 130 minutes

Release date: 24 August 2018

Genre:  Musical Dance Film

Box Office: Rs. 1,13,41,135


Lakshmi, a 10-year-old girl who is truly passionate about dance behaves like she breaths only for it. But her mother always denies with hatred. Lakshmi always passes through a cafe on her routine to her school. She always has a keen interest in the music that comes out of the cafe and becomes a regular customer and dances for the music. Vijay Krishna known to be VK shows interest towards her dance and supports her to achieve her dream. Her dream is to win a nationwide competition in a program called “Pride of India Jr”. She goes in with a team but because of her nervousness, she will be the reason for the team to lose and she will be forced out of the team. VK enters the scene and requests on behalf of Lakshmi. The selection chief sees VK and offers a deal that he will allow Lakshmi to dance only if he is the dance master for her group. VK had a past history of dance and the chief was so irritated by VK’s performance, and wanted to win over him with his team. VK agrees to teach them and leads to finals. Then a lot of the previous history of VK’s comes into existence about his love life and dance life and an unbearable twist occurs which just puts everyone on an emotional roller coaster.

Reasons to watch:

  • This movie will motivate you to work on your passion without giving up!
  • It gives the true understanding of overcoming the struggle with leaving them in between.
  • You watch this movie for the passion for musical dance.
  • To let your wings fly and dance more.

Technical Asset:

  • Technical asset, first music as it is the best factor which runs the movie on flow.
  • Script! They have done a great job to touch the heart of the audience, the script is beautiful and emotional.
  • Direction is amazing! The route of the movie is smoothingly taken.

Do not leave your passion just because of some struggles! Hustle hard and this movie will help you to understand! Watch lakshmi movie online on Aha!

How a website can help your business grow?

To gain new customers, you need to analyze and understand where your customers spend a lot of time researching the supplies or the source they use to know about the business. So today people spend a lot of time only on the internet to purchase, read blogs or for entertainment purpose. Most of the consumers purchase with an online search, and if you don’t have a website the percentage of your business is very low compared to the one with the website. It is essential to website laten maken that tends to be a backbone of the business.


You might use various digital marketing techniques to improve online presence. The content that you put online helps to drive the customer to your website, and the information gives a clear idea of your brand and other types of services. So, if you are using any digital marketing techniques you need to website laten makento send consumers to learn more about your business. You get the ability to break the geographical barriers as your website is accessible to anyone all over the world. You could get potential customers from any parts of the place.

Increased sales:

Having an online presence through a website, you could reach more customers. By reaching more consumers you get opportunities to increase the sales. Developing a website alone will not get you success, with the right SEO techniques you could drive more traffic to your website. Once you increased the sales, the business grows automatically. The website increases the sales along with the availability helps to reach the people at any time.

Builds credibility:

The business without any address or contact details is not considerable. Likewise, in this modern marketplace without the website means less credible. Because the people with the website are already engaging the customers and they hardly turn to the people without a website. Because people believe that business with the website does not hide anything and builds string trust among the customers. It helps to build a long-lasting relationship with the customer. The website helps to stand out of the competitors as the content is unique.

Earn Free Bitcoin At Home on Gambling Sites

Gone are the days when you have to go through a lot of stress before you can earn some bitcoin for yourself. These days, it is possible to earn free bitcoin by doing very simple tasks online.  While this is possible, you need to understand that many of the methods you can use to earn free bitcoin do not pay much; they only pay few satoshis. The secret to earning a lot of bitcoin from these sources is to register only on reliable websites since not all of them can be trusted to pay you for your service. This is why you should first read up reviews about the sites where you can get bitcoin and make sure that he reviews are positive before you start earning bitcoins form them. You will also need to dedicate a lot of time to these websites so that you can earn bitcoin from them without any problem.

There are so many ways via which you can earn a lot of bitcoin for yourself out there today and you will only need a mobile device connected to the internet to do that. We will enlighten you about one of the many ways in the remaining part of this write-up.

Get bitcoin by gambling

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While it is possible to make a lot of free bitcoin from gambling, you need to understand that gambling is a game of chance; this means you can either win or lose. You need to always keep this in mind when gambling to make free bitcoin.  So, you should only gamble with an amount that you can afford to lose only.

buy runescape gold

The secret truth behind why people buy Runescape gold

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If you’re a Runescape player, you’ve probably wondered how some players seem to have so much more gold than others. Some players seem like they have a never-ending amount of gold at their disposal. How do they get their gold? Why do they spend their hard-earned money to buy runescape gold? These are all questions that people have when they’re new to Runescape. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you probably already know why people buy old.

The main reason people buy gold is it’s a shortcut to success

buy runescape gold

No one is saying that all you need to do is buy gold and you’re now a professional Runescape player. It doesn’t work that way. You still need to learn the ropes and figure out how to succeed in the game. What buying gold does do is, it makes the learning curve much less. You now have all the things needed for success, and it’s only a matter of you now trying your best to learn how to play the game. In many ways, the purchase of gold makes it easier to learn, and therefore, you progress much faster. If you have a friend who seems like they’re growing leaps and bounds above you in the game, the reason for that is probably them buying some of the precious metal all players crave.

Can you play Runescape without buying gold?

Sure, you can, and people do all the time. The problem that you will face is, you have a limited amount of time and desire to play the game. You might love Runescape, but the thought of playing it all day long might not appeal to you. It’s entirely possible that you only want to play an hour or two a day or a few hours per week. If that’s the case, you’re never going to earn enough gold to make a dent in what you need as a Runescape player. The only logical option is to get some gold through another method. You can’t get anywhere without it, so the idea of paying for gold shouldn’t seem too outlandish. After all, you spend the gold on all kinds of things, from gear to food.

Runescape game

Experienced users know there’s a constant need for gold

You can’t ever get around for the need for gold in Runescape. You can play the game for the next five years and still need gold. As long as there’s a vibrant economy on Runescape, you will need some way to purchase things. Gold is the currency, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s when you realize that the need to keep plenty of money on hand is never going to change, your approach to the game becomes different. You accept that you will need gold and find ways to get it. Some of you will choose to buy the gold you need, while others will work hard playing the game to earn as much as you can. Either way, the need for gold isn’t changing now or ever, for that matter.

Everything You Need in Home Management is Now Here

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Our home is the safest place we could ever be in our life. We take care of it and see to it that everything was all good. It is called a maintenance check that most of us are not practicing already. We cannot blame ourselves if we do not have enough time to check all the home areas that need a maintenance check. In this way, we can be assured that we are safe and protected. Aside from it, most of us are not having enough time to clean our home for various reasons. But one of the considered greatest factors is we are too busy in our everyday errands in school or work. That is why we cannot even do a general cleaning of our home, which is an essential part of taking care of it.

Even if we have valid reasons why we cannot fully take care of our home, or even do a maintenance check of its different areas, we do not have to set it aside for a long time. We need to know the role and help of our efforts when our home is well-taken care of. For instance, if we cannot do our home’s general cleaning, we should not let it that way. We can do something about it. Because if we let our home be dirty or not organized, it will be a messy home. That’s why we need to address it still and take action about it. Besides, if we need repairs or construction of various things, we do not have to set it aside. If it needs immediate action, it means it also needs an immediate solution. We should keep that in our minds. In the end, it is all about safety and security that matters, so we need to decide to be proactive in every aspect of our life.

We don’t have to worry if we have various concerns inside of our home, like conducting a general cleaning, doing some repairs and construction. It’s because there is an immediate solution to every household concern already. Yes, it’s right because we now have the best provider of household services in town. If you will search it online, surely it will препоръчайте професионален домоуправител.

Through its wide services, they became now known as the leading household services provider. Aside from it, they got the best and quality services among other providers. That’s why it is considered the top choice of many house owners today, most especially in the condominiums. We cannot deny this reality because many condo owners are availing their services already. Through the feedback of their avid clients already, we can assure you that we will receive the same quality of service also that we need. So, if we need some services now, we can easily reach them online now.


Why Advanced Water Purification Technology is Essential

As everything develops, options increase. Water purification technology is no different. Although the methods of water purification are different, not all of them are created in the same way.

Problems associated with the above methods

One of the oldest active methods of water purification is distillation. Although not very advanced anyway, it sets the standard for water treatment technology. The process is simple. Water is boiled in an airtight container with a tube that leads to another container. Steam condenses on the pipe and drips into a second container. The problem is that everything that has a boiling point above 100 ° C remains indiscriminately, and everything that has a boiling point below 100 ° C is also collected in a second container. This means that healthy minerals are lost and chemicals are preserved.

More efficient water treatment methods are always required, especially desalination-capable designs. Reverse osmosis developed in response to this need. Promoting the same strengths and weaknesses as distillation, he justified his existence by the fact that he needed much less care and human interaction than motionless, and produced much more water. Although it is out of date beyond desalination, you will still find people trying to sell this relic of water purification Tech.

Designed to remove contaminants without changing the amount of minerals, a water treatment technology known as a microporous membrane, mainly a three-part sieve, has been developed. Each part is designed to block infiltrates less than the previous one. Unfortunately, these water purification methods cannot deal with chemicals or bacteria.


Ultrafiltration is an advanced and highly customizable water treatment technology. Membranes are chemically engineered to block infiltrates of certain sizes. The problem is that you want to eliminate all the infiltrates, not just some or one of them. Although conventional water treatment methods are widely used in industry and industry, they are not intended for drinking water.

To eliminate chemicals, a water treatment technology called electrodeionization is available. Unfortunately, that’s all you can do. Any other infiltrate will not affect or reduce the effectiveness of ion exchange based water purification methods. This means that the water to be electrodeionized must first be filtered off from all organic infiltrates.

If sieves and membranes are not your thing, water can be bombarded with ultraviolet radiation. Including nothing more than a large flat tank and a series of low-density mercury lamps, this is a very effective and efficient bactericidal method.

The answer to these problems

Despite all the new and interesting methods of water purification, the most effective water purification technology was developed to counter the chemical war in the First World War. Commonly known as activated carbon filtration, it simply passes water through a filter made from special carbon. Activated carbon blocks almost everything harmful, but leaves useful minerals. A small problem is that any blocked bacteria will remain in the filter.

Health Surveillance at Work

Health supervision is the procedure required by law in certain industries and workplaces, where after all risks are taken into account and measures are taken to reduce them, employees still have a significant risk in carrying out their work. In fact, it is an ongoing health check system designed to prevent and identify any potential problems in the early stages.

It is anticipated that any health monitoring should be based on a risk assessment and should be the last measure to monitor and prevent work-related illnesses. It should not be confused or used as a substitute for risk assessment or other safety measures and actions aimed at reducing risks in the workplace. It is also very useful for providing information on the additional training needed, introducing new work procedures that will reduce costs, allowing employees to express their concern about the health effects of their work, etc.

As a general rule, health monitoring is required in cases where there is a risk of noise or vibration, solvents, vapors, dust, biological agents, asbestos, lead or work in compressed air, ionizing radiation. Officials working in the chemical, construction, manufacturing, agricultural, mining, and offshore or any other industry that uses particularly harmful materials should consider conducting additional health checks. If you are not sure if this applies to your business, seek qualified advice.

Health Surveillance at Work

In any case, there are three basic legal requirements, and in cases where three of them are met, health monitoring must be introduced:
Number one; there is an identifiable disease, and there is strong evidence that it is associated with exposure in the workplace.

Number two; there is the possibility of a disease.

Number Three; The methods used to determine the first two points are valid and do not represent a danger to employees. Your risk assessment will give you advice on what type of medical supervision is appropriate for your business.

The first and easiest measure would be for employees to check for signs or symptoms of ill health, obviously after they have been given adequate training for specific diseases. Depending on the risk assessment and the type of risk, the responsible person (employee, supervisor or first assistant, always someone with basic training who knows what symptoms to look for) can perform routine employee checks. In workplaces with a higher risk of disease, a more competent person, such as a nurse or an occupational health doctor, should perform periodic examinations


It is important to know when and what type of medical supervision is required, and if necessary, for your type of work. There are many situations in which companies are too subordinate. Excessive costs are not the purpose of these rules, therefore, it is extremely important to conduct a good risk assessment and obtain information about the requirements for your field of activity.

Motor Home

A Manufactured Motor Home: Make your last life!

The duration of your manufactured mobile home is up to you. The secret is in a nutshell: water and foundations. There are many things you can do to take care of your home, but murderers are often associated with exposure to water or foundation problems. Manage it and your prefab / mobile home can last a lifetime.

Controlling the effects of water is more difficult than you think.

There are possible problems related to water in all parts of your home, both inside and outside. Swamp coolers, air conditioning, pipes (inside and under your home), as well as external sources of rain and water can damage and destroy your home.
What can be done about this? First of all, you should carefully control all parts of your home: the ceiling, walls, floors, cabinets, sinks, bathtubs / showers and under your home. A simple but thorough inspection can detect water. Remember that even the constant evaporation of water from a leaking pipe or the water flowing under the house due to improper drainage will rot all nearby wood. Key; Make sure the water does not reach where it does not belong. Where you cannot avoid exposure to water, as outside, make sure all walls, windows, doors, baseboards and wall surfaces are properly sealed and painted.

Motor Home

The second key to the longevity of your home is to provide the correct basis. In particular, the land must be properly compacted and leveled, your home must be tied and the land must be leveled to ensure adequate drainage. No water under the house is the key to maintaining a solid foundation. In addition to the key elements discussed, there are additional options to preserve your home and its components.

Proper maintenance of the rubber roof is crucial. Applying a layer of protective materials every 2-3 years and completing the necessary repairs will preserve the roof and prevent leaks. Minor roof problems become important if not addressed urgently. Maintaining a swamp cooler, the creator of permanent roof damage, is critical every year. This includes preparation for winter and general preventive maintenance of blocks and waterlines. It is essential to maintain a level device to avoid leaks. The main problem is the interaction between any wood cladding and plinth. It is important that this seal / gasket be sealed to prevent dry rot.


A good rule of thumb is to perform an annual inspection on your own, and a professional to inspect your home and report any problems every 2-4 years. This precaution will inevitably pay off many times. This inspection should cover all aspects of the house, including foundations, plumbing, electricity, roof, walls and floors, with special emphasis on the extremely invisible space between the house and the floor. Take advantage of this time and perform a security check in your home.

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